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Product Features

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Easy integration to existing systems

  • No elongation after installation

  • One connection point design

  • High tensile steel strip

  • Much smaller need for storage area

  • Low operational cost per meter

  • Steel and Stainless steel option 

  • No feed residue under conveyor

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feeder strip

  • Safer for chicken, no risk of beak getting stuck 

  • Low pellet breakage, almost no powdered feed

  • Low friction

  • Energy efficient, Low motor power need

  • Corner design integrated drive unit

  • Adjustable delivery capacity

  • Conveyor Speed: 38m/min. Ability to adjust  for higher speed

  • Designed for installation without need for a specialist. 


  • 500m / roll of Feeder Strip

  • 10 rolls per pallet ( 5.000 meters )

  • 20 pallets per 40"container ( 100.000 meters )

Feederstrip, single point connection
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